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Official website of pianist Maria Mirovska


“During performing the concert program, which included works of Chopin, Mozart and Rachmaninov, Maria Mirovska showed distinguished piano school, expression, spontaneousity and emotional playing.”

Der Bund, (Switzerland) August, 11, 1998.

“On the second round of Busoni competition Maria Mirovska revealed true performing maturity in Sonata “Apres une Lecture du Dante” by F. Liszt.”

Dolomiten, (Bolzano, Italy) August, 28, 1999.

“Former Kharkovian, Maria performed in her native city more than 10 concerts, but the last performance surpassed the expectations of her true admirers”

Sobytie, Kharkov, Ukraine, #5, 2005

“...chamber manner, calmness, verification of every single note, subtle intonation, almost jewelry-like itself”

Kharkov: Chto? Gde? Kogda?, Kharkov, Ukraine, #2, 2005

“every musical phrase, articulated by pianist M. Mirovska, is very sensible and precisely intonated. Performing manner of the pianist is very sincere and emotionally full. ...Mirovska never uses a musical piece to demonstrate the virtuosity, she's trying to fulfill composer's idea”

Sobytie, Kharkov, Ukraine, October, 2005

Photo of Maria Mirovska

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